Levi’s is going to join VIA JURMALA Outlet Village

Estonian company Teksapoiss OÜ, the official distributor of Levi Strauss & Co in the Baltic States, decided to join the project and will open a store with a total area of 208 m².

Jacob Davis, one of the two inventors of jeans, was born in Riga in 1831. In 1854, this young Jewish tailor emigrated to the United States and in 1872 came up with a way to fasten pockets on trousers so that the pockets wouldn’t come off easily. Having no money to patent the idea, he turned for help to his fabric supplier, Levi Strauss, who had been manufacturing durable trousers with multiple pockets for gold prospectors since the 1850s.

On May 20, 1873 Levi Strauss and Jacob Davis received their famous patent for metal rivets usage in clothing.

This date is considered to be the official birthday of jeans – the most popular clothes in the world!